Our production

The production of our factory consists of three main departments:

  • Preparation of perfumery;
  • Filling of perfumery;
  • Cosmetics production.


Production capabilities of “Aromat” JSC

Type of product

Actual Planned
Perfumery 3 000 3 500
Cosmetics 500 1 000
Products for medicine 100 250


Preparation of perfumery

Our preparation zone has 79 reactors. The main advantage of our reactors is the internal surface which is made from the enamel. It allows us to provide pure products without any impurities.

In our production we use demineralized water which is prepared by modern cleansing plant using method of reverse osmosis.

Our production allows us to use rapid preparation of perfumery by method of freezing. This technology helps us to reduce the time of preparation to one day.


Filling of perfumery

The filling zone has semi-automatic filling line and 6 conveyor lines for packaging. The production capacity allows us to produce up to 170,000 pieces of finished products per day with volume from 1.5 ml to 100 ml.


Cosmetics production

The brand new production was launched in 2012 which was designed according to the requirements of European standards. There we can produce cosmetic products as well as products for medicine.

Type of product 


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