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Aromat JSC was founded in 1942. During these years our company was changing. We were growing, we were adapting our technology to the modern market requirements and we were extending our experience, expertise and manufacturing capabilities. Now we combine a long history and experience with the constant desire to innovate.

Our company is the leading contract manufacturer of perfumery and cosmetics in Russia. We were one of the first companies, which started to work on a full service system, providing our customers full range of services and offering ready-made product solutions.

Now contract manufacturing is a foundation of modern beauty industry. The reason for this lies in the structure of the modern economy. Today the borders between national markets are washed out. They are treated as a single economic space. It is impossible to keep in one hands production and marketing budgets, because in such conditions companies can not respond to rapidly changing markets. Using the contract manufacturing you can focus only on brand management. We will take care of technology, production and all the associated services/ Take advantage of our great experience and progressive ideas in the field of contract manufacturing and creation of private label.


Aromat JSC,

Fatkullin Str. 7, Kazan,

Tatarstan, Russia, 420021

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